Welcome to ButterCMS! This an example blog post written using Butter.

Blog Engine Demo

Here's a helpful walkthrough of our Blog Engine solution.


What's happening here?

If you're viewing this post from your website or command line, you've successfully made a request to the Butter API. If you haven't already, make sure you have our development guides pulled up for step-by-step instructions on setting up Butter.

How does editing work?

Butter's WYSIWYG editor supports standard text formatting including headings, links, quotes, code, text alignment, and more. You can upload, crop, and resize images which are automatically hosted and delivered through a CDN (see below). You can also edit HTML directly when needed.

Delivered to you via CDN
Delivered to you via CDN

Can I use Butter as a full CMS for things other than a blog?

Yes. Butter can be used as a full CMS for managing dynamic content and creating pages across your entire website or app. Check out our development guides for step-by-step tutorials on setting this up.